About Us

pipeOur Mission:
To develop, build and service the physical mechanical environment for living,
working, and traveling.

A Partnership:
City, State agencies, and companies are streamlining their operation and focusing on expertise.  They seek out contractors that can offer a complete thorough understanding of a specific trade.  A partner that can work effectively and efficiently within a guided program specification.  Quite often that company is WPA.

All Expectations Exceeded:
A partner is a major responsibility to undertake with City and State agencies. In many cases, our clients are at the forefront of growth, change, and upgrade. Our task is to ensure that their investments yield the greatest possible return. For example by ensuring that a fire protection standpipe system functions perfectly under excruciating weather conditions, and ahead of schedule so that beneficial use can be fulfilled and saving lives is never left for second guess.

WPA’s work is characterized by responsiveness to customers’ needs and the implementation of projects based on quality and reliability. Our commitment and expertise are crucial factors in fulfilling the clients expectations.  That’s why repeat orders account for three quarters of our contracts.  This is the best form of flattery to our success-the fact that our clients keep coming back.