Company History

Incorporated The company was established in 1961. In 1990, Joseph Wittmann P.E. Took 100% control of the corporation with a current bonding capacity of 30 million dollars.

Diversity Wittmann Plumbing Associates Inc. is an equal opportunity employer, with a 44% minority staff.

Specialty Wittmann Plumbing Associates Inc. specializes in various mechanical projects, such as the construction and installation of several Fire Protection Standpipe Systems, Sprinkler Systems and Pump Rooms, along with a wide range of general plumbing installation for commercial, and institutional use. With a specialty in utilizing confined space to it maximum potential within compliance to all federal and state regulations.

Skills WPA stands for technical know-how and competence. The ability to apply these skills To new areas, enables us to produce the innovation that our customers demand. This is the basis for long term customer relationships.